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Pull String Vegetable Chopper

Pull String Vegetable Chopper

Pull String Vegetable Chopper

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What if it took just a couple of seconds to perfectly chop or mince vegetables?

The Pull String Vegetable Chopper lets you prep & cook quickly and efficiently without even getting your hands messy. Coarsely chopped herbs for garnish or finely minced meat for burgers—chop anything with just a pull of a string!

Just add the veggies, herbs, or meat to the chopper and pull the string. It'll instantly chop them perfectly, and exactly as you need it—the chopping gets finer with every round, without turning the food into a wet mush.

You won't ever have to manually chop up your veggies and waste time in the kitchen or accidentally hurt yourself especially if you're a beginner in the kitchen.

  • Multifunctional Kitchen Tool: This food chopper has sharp stainless steel blades. Perfect for chopping or mincing all kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and boneless meat. It’s also great for chopping garnishes, making sauces, and whipping eggs & cream. Add some boiled veggies or fruit to it and you can create purees too!
  • Needs No Electricity: Although manual handheld chopper runs without electricity, three razor-sharp blades give it plenty of power. Just a few pulls, and the chopper perfectly chops, minces or even purees whatever you need. 
  • Convenient And Easy To Use: With this chopper, you won't shed any tears even when you cut onions. The manual portable chopper doesn't need electricity so it is good for RVs, picnic, traveling, and camping.
  • Easy To Clean And Saves Space: The blades can be dismantled for easy cleaning. The chopper has a 3.5 cup capacity, but is compact and doesn’t take up kitchen space.
  • Durable and Sturdy Construction: Our chopper is made of premium, non-toxic, food-grade plastic, and is extremely durable. It also has an Anti-Slip base to avoid skidding when you using it.