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"Butch" Japanese Cleaver Knife

"Butch" Japanese Cleaver Knife

"Butch" Japanese Cleaver Knife

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A sharp, heavy-duty knife capable of handling even the toughest of foods. The "Butch" Japanese Cleaver Knife is designed, unlike regular cleavers that you find. The enlarged 8" blade features a curved heel, allowing you to put higher force with better control than ever before.

The knife is front heavy and features a raised handle and forward grip for effortless chopping.

Uses: The knife weighs just around 1 lb, making it the perfect weight and length to chop and mince all types of meat tenders, bones, cubes, ribs, and steaks. This versatile knife also gives you the precision to cut chop and dice vegetables, poultry, pork, beef, fish, and herbs.

Design: The full tang blade is exceptionally sharp straight out of the box and requires very little maintenance and sharpening. The wooden handle features gorgeous grain patterns and is secured by sturdy steel rivets. 

  • Blade length: 210mm
  • Blade width: 95mm
  • Handle length: 210mm
  • Handle height: 130mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel