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Limited Edition Hand Forged Sashimi Knife

Hammered Sashimi Knife

Limited Edition Hand Forged Sashimi Knife

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With the perfect amount of flex in the blade, our Hammered Sashimi Knife makes filleting fish easier. Slice raw fish by pulling the knife towards you, to create perfectly even slices of sashimi. The knife conforms to the ribs of the fish as well, allowing you to remove meat from bones quickly and easily.

Apart from filleting and slicing fish, removing skin from meat is easier, too. It works well for boning and trimming out poultry and other meat as well. 

  • For perfect toughness, wear resistance, and just the right amount of flex 
  • Exquisite Dalbergia Wood Handle - comfortable, durable, and, beautiful 
  • Blade Material : Japanese 73 layers Damascus steel 
  • Steel Core Material : 10Cr15CoMoV high carbon steel
  • Blade Hardness : 60±2 HRC
  • Sharpness Level : cutting force of 6.0-8.0 N