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7" Classic Cleaver

7-inch Cleaver (Damascus Steel)

7" Classic Cleaver

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Every part of a cleaver can be put to use. The edge is used to chop vegetables, especially larger ones such as cabbage and tougher ones like carrots. With its straight blade, edge, and spine, this cleaver isn't rocked like a chef's knife. Instead, use a simple push cut and enjoy the clean, swift work it makes of vegetables of all kinds. The flat of the blade makes a great tool for smashing garlic cloves. 

This cleaver is nimble enough for almost every kind of chopping and slicing. 

  • Blade Material: Japanese VG10 Steel Core Damascus Steel
  • Handle Material: G10+S/S+Exquisite Mosaic Rivets
  • Weight: 314g
  • Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Blade Length: 7"/ 178mm
  • Knife Length: 11.75"/299mm
  • Strong Hardness: 59-61HRC
  • Blade Width: 50mm