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5 Piece Set

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This our award-winning kitchen knife set features every single type of knife you will ever need in your kitchen - from chopping vegetables, slicing meat, coring fruits, slicing bread, and dicing herbs.

Made using stainless steel, the blades on each knife is incredibly sharp and durable, offering the ability to cut through all types of food with precision and ease. Unlike regular knives, the blades on these knives offer better resistance to rust and corrosion and don't require regular sharpening or honing either. 

  • Handle: The well-balanced handle is lightweight and designed to give you a better grip, flexibility, and comfort while using it. The handle also features stainless steel bolster with a curved finger guard.

  • Design: The blade features gorgeous Damascus-style patterns that offer a mesmerizing look sure to impress all your guests and friends. The handle also features 

  • Protective Sheath: Each knife comes with its own protective sheath, allowing you to store and carry it with ease.

Knife Sets Available:

  • 3 piece set: Includes the 8" chef's knife, 5" Santoku Knife, and 3.5" paring knife. Save 35% by ordering this set.

  • 5 piece set: Includes the 8" chef's knife, 7" Santoku Knife, 7" Cleaver Knife, 5" Santoku Knife, and 3.5" paring knife. Save 35% by ordering this set. Save 50% by ordering this set.

  • 8 piece set: Includes all the knives in the collection. Save 60% by ordering this set. 


8 Knives Available:

  • 8" Chef's Knife: The most versatile knife, capable of cutting through all types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meat. A must-have in every kitchen!

  • 8" Slicing Knife: Thinner, more flexible, and longer than regular carving knives. It is perfect for cutting perfectly thin slices of roast meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

  • 8" Bread Knife: Perfect for cutting and slicing all types of baked food including pastries, delicate sponge cakes, and soft bread without crushing it.

  • 7" Santoku Knife: A versatile Japanese kitchen knife that can be used for literally cutting, mincing or slicing need in your kitchen. The knife also features a Granton edge to prevent food from sticking to it while cutting.

  • 7" Cleaver Knife: This butcher-style knife is ideal for hacking through bones and chopping through all types of meat. The large rectangular blade is also great for crushing garlic, cumin, peppercorn, nuts, and seeds.

  • 6" Boning Knife: The sharp point and flexible blade of the boning knife make it perfect for easily separating and cutting meat from bones.

  • 5" Santoku Knife: A smaller version of our 7" inch Santoku knife. Perfect for chopping vegetables, fruits, herbs, and softer meat.

  • 3.5" Paring Knife: The smaller, sharper blade makes it ideal for paring/peeling fruits and vegetables along with achieving intricate cuts.